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47cc minimoto and 49cc minimoto knowing the difference

47cc minimoto and 49cc minimoto knowing the difference,we show the difference between the 47cc minimoto engine and the 49cc minimoto engine  

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47cc minimoto or 49cc minimoto?

A common question people ask me is

I am unsure if my minimoto is a 47cc minimoto or 49cc minimoto

So let me show you a way of of distinguishing your minimoto engine cc

By looking at this picture its easy to see if you have the larger type 49cc minimoto engine or the smaller 47cc minimoto engine version.

The distinguishing differences are:-

*The larger 49cc cylinder has and re-enforcing bar coming off the exhaust outlet port and the cooling fins on the 49 cc cylinder donít go all the way completely around the cylinders whereas they do on the smaller 47 cc version

It is a well known fact:-

That the "47cc" cylinders are actually 39 cc its just they're always commonly referred to as 47cc. (odd but true)
The "49cc" bikes are actually a true 49cc though

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