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Minimotos4u is based in the UK, offering top quality minimoto performance parts and minimoto spares. Large range of mini moto parts, mini dirtbike parts and midimoto spares at minimotos4u the quality minimoto parts provider


      Minimotos4u is a established business based in North Lincolnshire. Being a family run business started in November 2004. We are openly comitted to providing the best quality of products and customer service and have achieved great sucess and gained a high level of respect within the industry. Our success, we directly attribute to our high levels of customer satisfaction, giving customers a personal touch that the large companies cannot or will not give. We always have time for enquires and understand that there will always be questions that you the customers need answering. Our main long term objective is to become one of the largest suppliers of top quality minimoto performance parts/spares and minimoto apparel in the United Kingdom. Our range of minimoto performance parts and spares are only purchased from selected reputable and quality control biased manufacturing companies who have a well proven track record. This is to ensure that you the customer receive a top quality product made from the highest manufacturing standards. Our products should not be compared with other inferior products of cheaper origin. We are constantly updating our range of mini moto performance parts, midimoto spares, dirt bikes spares and performance parts. So please keep in touch for some excellent deals and service from Minimotos4u.

Tamara Welton




Legal Declaration and Disclaimer.

Minimotos are not ROAD LEGAL and should under no circumstances be used on the public roads. The purchaser is solely responsible for the use of the minimoto and must strictly adhere to all governmental laws that are in force. Do not use on wet, oily or icy surfaces. The minimoto is designed for both adults and children from 12 years upwards, but children should be supervised at all time when riding the bike by a responsible adult.

Purchaser accepts FULL responsibility & releases, David Welton and Tamara Welton of ANY and ALL PERSONAL INJURIES, FATAL INJURIES, ANY LOSSES , COSTS, OR DAMAGES incurred as a result of the Purchaser's operation of this item. The purchaser is solely responsible for the maintenance and safety of the minimoto and when permitting other riders to ride this item, and assumes all responsibility in event of damages, injuries or fatal injuries etc... Purchaser is solely responsible for understanding and abiding by all governmental/ police laws for operation of this product


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