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Minimoto Spares and Mini Moto Parts

 Complete listing minimoto spares, mini moto parts and pocket bike spares if you are looking for any specific mini moto spare parts, minimoto parts or pocketbike parts Minimotos4u will sure be able to help you . See our full listing of minimoto spares below if we don't have what you are looking checkout our friends at Ebay below


Please note we are closed for business from January 23rd 2023 until 10th February 2023, no orders will be despatched during this period

minimoto performance parts
Its here at last - Minimotos4u brings you the only minimoto guide you will ever need!!
The Complete Guide to Understanding, Maintaining and Modifying your Minimoto

"If you own a minimoto, then this guide is a "must-have!" It completely covers everything you need to know about maintaining and modifying your 47 or 49cc Chinese air cooled minimotos"!!!.

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Minimoto engine

New In Stock

Brand new fully complete air cooled 49cc minimoto engine. Includes carburettor, clutchbell and pinion and heavy duty alloy pullstart and alloy knurl we will also attach a sports air filter for you.   Only £60


mini moto petrol hose clips
Quality petrol hose clips simply sqeeze and release only £1.99 a pair


mini moto ngk spark plug

NGK High Performance Spark Plug 

These high performance plugs are one of the first cost effective tuning modifications you can do to your minimoto. The high performance NGK BPM spec plug with a upgraded heat range allows better burning of fuels in your engine. £2.99

mini moto throttle

Mini moto throttle grip and tube complete £8.99



Blue Alloy Minimoto brake levers

New in Stock

Top quality sports blue alloy mini moto brake levers. Extra upgrade to the standard brake levers. Only £9.99


mini moto performance clutch
Heavy Duty Clutch the best £12.99


minimoto pinion and rear sprocket
   Minimoto 7 tooth pinion and 68 tooth rear sprocket set only £12.00


minimoto heavy duty chain
 Top Quality Heavy Duty minimoto chain 6mm pitch 74 links, £10.99


minimoto heavy duty chain
 Top Quality Heavy Duty minimoto chain 6mm pitch 73 links, only £10.99  


minimoto heavy duty chain
 Top Quality Heavy Duty minimoto chain 6mm pitch 72 links, only £10.99


minimoto heavy duty chain
 Top Quality Heavy Duty minimoto chain 6mm pitch 71 links, only £10.99


mini moto footpegs
Superb Anodised Blue Alloy Footpegs. Top quality to fit most chinese mini motos,stronger lighter more foot grip, and greater ground clearance. Some slight scratches only £12.00


mini moto clutchbell
Clutchbell with heat treated 6 tooth pinion for only £12.99
Save yourself the hassle of trying to remove the old pinion by fitting one of our new heavy duty clutchbells fitted with a 6 tooth pinion. It is as easy as 1-2-3 just remove your old clutchbell and fit our new unit in 2 minutes. Just £12.99.




minimoto chain link
Chain snapped or needs extending?  our master links are the answer    Need to extend your minimoto chain it is easily done with these Top Quality minimoto chain split link only £4.00



 minimoto performance flywheel
 NEW!!   Lightened Racing Flywheel simply replaces standard item for big Power!!
 Fits all air cooled reed valve minimoto engines.
 Lightened and balanced which provides quicker throttle response, and smoother top end.
Absolutely awesome!! and a must for all performance freaks!  Priced at only £16.00


dr midimoto petrol filter
    Mini moto alloy CNC fast flow fuel filter
This new and improved fast flow fuel filter fits all minimotos, mini dirtbikes and midimotos, but is far superior and stronger than the standard filter. Colour may be different to picture depending on stock levels Priced at only £9.99


mini moto petrol filter
    Mini moto petrol filter
This a standard mini moto petrol filter. Priced at only £3.99


mini moto piston and rings


Mini moto 49cc, 44mm piston and rings  Priced at only  £8.80

mini moto petrol tap
 Mini moto petrol tap, you can now stop the petrol flow from your fuel tank when making carb adjustments.  Priced at only  £8.80


minimoto alloy knurl
 Mini moto alloy knurl starter. Fed up of those broken plastic pull start pawls - We have the answer OUR NEW MINI MOTO ALLOY STARTERS --- THAT WILL NOT BREAK!!  Saving you pounds and also all that frustration!!!!  New improved version never be let down.  Priced at only  £7.99


mini moto pinion
  Top Quality 7 Tooth Front Sprocket 8mm thread suitable for air cooled minimotos with a 47/49cc engine only £5.99


mini moto pinion
  Top Quality 6 Tooth Front Sprocket 8mm thread suitable for air cooled minimotos with a 47/49cc engine only £5.99


mini moto rear sprocket
 Top Quality 68 tooth rear sprocket suitable for all air cooled minimotos with a 47/49cc engine only £7.99


     mini moto spark plug cap
Mini Moto Top Quality NGK Upgraded Spark Plug and Plug Cap. only £8.99
Holme Tech Twin Stage Race Reeds only £12.00

out of stock
      minimoto clutchbell
6 Tooth sprocket and clutch bell   £12.99

       mini moto pinion
7 tooth gearbox sprocket 8mm thread £5.99
 7 tooth gearbox sprocket 10mm thread £5.99

6 tooth gearbox sprocket 8mm thread £5.99

 mini moto jet 75
Mini moto Performance Jet 75 £2.50

    mini moto wheel bearings
  Mini moto front wheel bearings Set of 2     
             minimoto spark plug
NGK Performance Spark Plug  £2.99
mini moto Flywheel £10.99

            mini moto manifold
mini moto Intake Manifold £4.95
       mini moto air filter Mini moto Performance Air Filter Kit £12.50
          minimoto performance clutch
High Performance Adjustable Race Clutch only £18.99
     minimoto piston rings
mini moto 49cc Piston Rings (pair) £5.95
    minimoto gasket set
 mini moto full Gaskets set £7.50
Mini Moto full Axle set all spacers and nuts £12.00
            mini moto reed
mini moto Reed Block £6.95
     minimoto chain link
Master link £4   6mm pitch
Mini Moto front caliper
  mini moto brakes
Brake Lever Set   
mini moto Throttle Cable   £5.99
mini moto Brake Cable,  
  Front   £5.95
Mini moto fuel cap
  mini moto spark plug
Minimoto value spark plug
  minimoto plastic starter knurl
Plastic starter knurl £1.99

PLEASE EMAIL if interested
      minimoto alloy knurl
  Kill switch
   minimoto disc
 mini moto Brake
  Disc £7.50
    minimoto rocket key
Rocket key £7.99
Mini Moto Carb  £14.99
mini moto Ignition
    Coil £9.99
 Clutch Spring  £6.99 set
 Left Hand Grip  £3.99
     mini moto wheel bearings
  Mini moto rear wheel bearings Set of 2
  mini moto Chain Roller
top quality heavy duty minimoto Clutch  £12.99
Mini moto mixer bottle
Mini moto front wheel
Minimoto chain guard
Mini moto chain adjusters
Minimoto fuel tank
Mini moto front mudguard £6.00
Mini moto metal starter fitted with alloy starter  £17.99
Mini moto front screen only scratched ones left, reduced to


    minimoto alloy brake levers  
Superb Blue High Performance Alloy Brake Levers simply replaces the standard items Priced at only £9.99
Minimoto 49cc piston £7.99
             mini moto footpegs
Superb Anodised Blue Alloy Minimoto Race Footpegs Slight scratches
only £12.00
        dr midimoto petrol filter
Mini moto Hi- Flow petrol filter £9.99 (far superior to standard) Colour may vary
Minimoto rubber seat pad £6.00
Replacement minimoto footpeg rubbers only £3


   minimoto heavy duty chain
 Top Quality Heavy Duty minimoto chain 74 links
only £10.99
   <img src="2095a3e0.jpg" alt="minimoto heavy duty chain" width="90" height="62"