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Minimoto Questions: Ask Mini Moto Questions

Minimoto questions and pocket bike questions answered, What is a pocketbike or minimoto?, how fast are minimotos? all questions answered here

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Mini moto questions and pocket bike questions

1. What is a pocketbike or minimoto?
A pocketbike or mini moto is a scaled down GP Racing motorcycle. It stands about 15 to 18 inches high depending on the model and brand weighing anywhere from 35 to 55 pounds. Pocketbike racing is a rapidly growing sport for both children and adults, and by their nature are just pure fun to ride. Although they may appear to look like toys, the European minimotos are built to high quality standards of accuracy and proportion of a the world class GP bike.

2. How fast do pocketbikes go?
The speed depends to a certain degree on the make, engine size and riders body weight. You can expect top speeds of between 37 to 42 mph from 47 cc Blatas and Polini engined Minimotos. Because they are so low to the ground this feels very fast and the acceleration is swift. For many models tuning parts are available to increase performance further

3. Are pocketbikes stable and easy to turn?
Yes they are surprisingly stable and due to their short wheelbase and extremely light weight they turn direction very quickly. This makes them fun to ride, yes and even the more powerful pocketbikes wheely quite easily on acceleration.

4. Are pocketbikes safe for my children?
As with any performance machine elements of danger are present but providing the child is supervised by an adult at all times and is wearing the full correctly fitted protective equipment the risk is greatly reduced. There are also kits available to restrict the actual power of the engine if required.

5 Can minimotos be ridden on the road?
NO!! A minimoto should never be ridden on the road. It should only be ridden on private areas in which permission has been granted, it is important that the surface be tarmac or concrete with no other traffic or pedestrians in close vicinity.

6. Is the protective equipment for minimoto riders expensive?
Prices can vary depending on the level of protection you require. There are essential items that you should wear
these include a quality helmet meeting ACU standards good quality leather gloves so that your hands get excellent protection but you still have plenty of feel for operating the throttle and brakes Knee sliders - these are generally moulded plastic which are strapped around the knees' to protect the knees when cornering
good quality sturdy high top shoes or boots The racers tend to wear all in one suits, one thing to remember is never to compromise on safety

7 What is the difference between Chinese and European minimotos?
Generally the build quality and performance of the European models is much superior compared to the Chinese equivalent which are massed produced and generally have less robust parts.

8 Which minmotos accelerate the quickest?
Well in my opinion Polini powered machines are the fastest accelerators

9 Are minmotos hard to ride?
No not at all. They are a lot easier to ride than a proper motorcycle because they don't have gears, simply twist the throttle and brake with either the handlebar operated front brake or the foot operated back brake.

10 Will my minimoto run on straight petrol?
NO!!. Most minimotos operate on a mixture 25 to 1 petrol to oil mixture or 50 to 1 mixture, refer to your manufacturers instructions. Make sure you use top quality two stroke oil

11. What oil is best to use?
Any good quality (brand name) pre-mix 2 motorcycle oil, preferably synthetic

12. Are minimoto spares expensive?
The majority of spares are very reasonably priced and will definitely not break your bank balance

Troubleshooting Tips:

My Mini Moto Won't Start:
Make sure you have fuel getting to the carb and fuel valve set to the ON position . Make sure you choke is on (up position) when the engine is cold.
Check for dirty spark plug and sign of wear and tear Try using starting fluid to aid the starting process. spray a little into the carb. If it starts by spraying starting fluid and dies as soon it runs out of starting fluid then this means there is no fuel getting to the engine. check the carb. Or there might be vacuum leak in the piston area. If your piston is badly scratched up due to the lack of oil, then you need to replace piston and rings
to get compression back.
Make sure the carb and manifold are not loose by giggling on them. If loose, this will cause air leak. Take off carb cover and tighten both carb and manifold.
If your oil mixture is too rich then you might have problems starting. Even though you think you measured it
correctly. We recommend using Redline or Mobile One full synthetic oil.
Bad magneto can cause it too. Unplug spark plug and check for sparks. Use a clamp to clamp on the sparkplug and the frame of scooter. Pull the pull start and check for sparks.

My Mini Moto Is Hard To Start:
Is the fuel mixture done correctly? (25to1)for the first 5 tanks then (50to1) Too much oil in the mixture will make it harder to burn.
Is the spark plug dirty? Clean or replace it if its dirty Make sure the carburetor and the intake manifold are tightly secured to the engine. Check the gasket between the carb and intake manifold. Sometimes the gasket is bad and causes leak.
Solution: replace new gasket or just toss the bad gasket away and screw carb back. now try to start again.

Mini moto Bogs Out When I Turn The Throttle:
Adjust the screw with the spring on the side of the carb. clockwise to reduce gas flow and counterclockwise to allow more gas follow. Usually bogged down is caused too much gas going thru the carb. Give time for it to warm up. If that doesn't solved the problem, you need a new carb.
Your gas mixture is too rich and you need to reduce the amount of oil a little. check the gasket between the carb and intake manifold. it might be bad or maybe the carb came loose due to engine vibration.

I keep breaking the pull start or there is no catch on pull start
You should pull the pull start cord out a little until you feel the tension then give a good pull, pull smoothly
...jerking motion can damaging internal part of the pull start or breaking the cord. Adding wax to the cord sometimes help Sometimes the pull catch is broken or threads are stripped. The pull start won't be able to lock on position. If the little plastic coupling breaks off, it will not catch as well.

The Engine Mount Screw(s) Broke Off:
Try and see if you can retrieve the broken screw(s). Most of the time the screw(s) won't come out. One way is to drill it out and tap new threads but this is very difficult. Another is to replace a portion of the motor. Pleas ask for parts availability.

How do I adjust my brakes?
Brakes can be tightened by the handbrake area by the handlebar or by the wheel area.

My Mini Moto Chain Keeps Falling Off When I Am Riding It:
The chain might be loose and need to be tighten by first loosening the axle outer nuts and then tighten up the axle adjusters on each side. After the chain is tightened, go ahead and tighten the axle nuts.
The wheel and motor sprockets are not properly aligned. check to see if the chain is straight
from the rear wheel sprocket and the motor sprocket. It not, then follow the above procedure to get the chain lines up correctly.
Sometimes if the bearing(s) goes bad in the rear wheel. The wheel will tilt at a strange angle causing the chain to come off easily. This can also bend the axle as well.

Not Recommended:
Avoid jumping off curbs. Too much weight on scooter can bend or break the frame.
Do Not ride on a flat tire. This will damage the tire and possibly the wheel as well.
Do not ride in the rain as the tires will not have proper traction. Also the air cleaner may clog up with water and dirt
Do not ride in the dirt, gravel etc. These bikes are made for riding on concrete/asphalt surfaces.


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