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Minimoto Safety & Minimoto Maintenance Tips


Minimoto safety and pocketbike maintenance tips. Learn how to mantain a pocket bike and ensure your minimoto safety

General minimoto safety tips

1) The minimoto is designed for both adults and children from 12 years upwards, but children should be supervised at all time when riding the bike by a responsible adult.
2) Full safety equipment should be worn at all times which should include a good quality safety helmet, gloves, elbow and knee pads and suitable footwear.
3) Ride only on a smooth hard surface. Minimotos are not designed to be used in off road conditions.
4) Do not operate your minimoto at night. The minimoto is not equipped to be operated in the dark or low light condition.
5) The product is allowed for use by only one person. Do not carry additional persons or items.

Pocketbike mechanical tips

1) Please read all information on how to start the bike before you ride it as most damage is caused when instructions are not followed
2) Always use the correct petrol to two stroke oil ratio has specified by the manufacturer, otherwise serious engine damage can result.
3) Always check all bolts and tighten them before and after use. Please do not overtighten as further damage of components can arise - we suggest that you make use of a thread locking agent to ensure that bolts stay tight.
4) Ensure that the brake controls are correctly adjusted by referring to the manufacturers instruction book included
5) Maintain proper air pressure in the tires. Low air pressure induces extra rolling friction, reduces ground clearance, and wears the tires quicker.

Steps required to ensure your mini moto remains reliable

1. Clean out your tank and flush with fuel to get any debris out.
2. Clean out the carb to assure it is free of debris.
3. Pull the packing out of the exhaust.
4. Make sure all fasteners are tight and secure, add loctite.
5. Make sure the gas cap is in some way vented so the tank does not vacuum. (Use a pin to punch 2 holes in the cap)
6. Make sure chain is well-lubed
7. Adjust your brakes so that they are not dragging too much, especially the rear. A dragging rear brake can cause your clutch to fry prematurely or
break a clutch spring, among other things.
8. Mix your oil/fuel mixture accurately with good oil meant for 2 stroke bikes
9. Check over the engine bolts and steering head bolts for tightness, make sure wheel and steering head bearings are functional and not sloppy. Do not
over tighten your foot peg bolts because they frequently break off.
10. NEW riders, read the starting procedures
11. Starting the bike- To properly start the bike, make sure the fuel cock is open, the choke is on, if the engine is cold. Make full complete pulls
to the engine, while adding a little gas. Caution, do not add too much gas, your bike will fly out of control if it is not started on the stand! Even if you're starting it on the stand, it is not necessary to add too much gas. Once the engine has started, you can not turn the choke back to A if it
was on the choke. Be sure to warm up the bike for at least a minute before riding off into the sunset.



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