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B1 Water cooled minimoto parts | chinese water cooled minimoto 39cc parts

At Minimotos4u.com we have the latest water cooled minimoto parts and water cooled minimoto spares including a selection of| B1 water cooled minimoto performance parts.

All our mini moto spare parts prices are inclusive of VAT there will be a charge to cover delivery and the cost of packaging dependant on size and quantity ordered.

If there is no PayPal button showing against the item, this means we are temporarily out of stock, please mail me at dave@minimotos4u.com listing your requirements and I will get the spares on immediate order.


 Please note all the prices quoted are for delivery to the Mainland UK  (For other areas additional surcharges may be chargeable please contact dave@minimotos4u.com for pricing before ordering.)


Massive Closing Down Sale

Everything must go

Just email at david.welton@ntlworld for what you need 


The Chinese B1 Water Cooled Minimoto (39cc)

If you are unsure that the parts listed will fit your mini moto PLEASE ASK!!,. Please observe the illustrations to ensure compatibility.
If incorrect parts are ordered we may make a refund at our discretion minus the cost of shipping, restocking fee (20%) and PayPal charges.

mini moto petrol hose clips
Quality petrol hose clips simply sqeeze and release only £1.99 a pair

minimoto heavy duty chain
 Superb Top Quality Heavy Duty minimoto chain 6mm pitch 73 links, do not compare this chain with other cheaper alternatives, this is the cats b*ll*cks
only £10.99  

minimoto fuel filter
    Mini moto alloy CNC fast flow fuel filter Blue
This new and improved fast flow fuel filter fits all minimotos, mini dirtbikes and midimotos, but is far superior and stronger than the standard filter. Colour may vary. Priced at only £9.99

Blata Origami Rep Fuel Mixing Bottleonly £2.00


Water cooled minimoto Performance Parts Section

Do you want more POWER from your water cooled minimoto? Cause you do!!

New in Stock !! For Serious Power we now stock the fantastic Holme Tech Water Cooled Minimoto Race Reeds
Designed to fit the water cooled B1 minimoto


Minimoto High Performance 19mm Carb Jet Kits for the 19mm carb
Superb jet kits, get your carburation spot on!! . Four jets + bonus jet 80, 85, 93, 95
Priced at only £12.50 

PLEASE EMAIL dave@minimotos4u.com for availability

Water cooled minimoto High Performance Reed and 19mm performance carb Jet Kit
Kit consists of the awesome Holme Tech fibreglass reeds and our superb jet kit, fine tune for Maximum Power !! only £22.00

PLEASE EMAIL dave@minimotos4u.com for availability


          minimoto rocket key
Performance 10 degree Rocket Key
This rocket key when fitted to your minimoto will advance the engine's timing by 10 degrees, enabling your minimoto to rev at a higher rpm giving you gains of 5 to 6 MPH on top speed and greater acceleration. Comes with full fitting instructions for only £8.95.

PLEASE EMAIL dave@minimotos4u.com for availability


minimoto high performance 19mm carb
Water cooled minimoto High Performance 19mm Carburettor kit. The carb will fit all the water cooled B1 minimotos. Large performance gains compared to the small standard 14.4mm unit.
Feel the massive difference........ Awesome! only £39.99

PLEASE EMAIL dave@minimotos4u.com if interested

Get some serious power Water Cooled Minimoto Reed Block fitted with Top Quality Carbon Race Reeds only £13.50
Try these awesome carbon race reeds fully fitted on the reed block, just simply bolt in place. Featuring precision laser cut carbon reeds which are far superior to the standard reeds, these reeds give you a boost in mid range and eliminate the fluffing experienced at maximum revs which the poor standard reeds give.

Returns Policy
If you are unsure that the parts listed will fit your mini moto PLEASE ASK!!,. Please observe the illustrations to ensure compatibility.

   This is a secure payment site supported by PayPal, you can pay with total security and privacy


Legal Declaration and Disclaimer.

Minimotos are not ROAD LEGAL and should under no circumstances be used on the public roads. The purchaser is solely responsible for the use of the minimoto and must strictly adhere to all governmental laws that are in force. Do not use on wet, oily or icy surfaces. The minimoto is designed for both adults and children from 12 years upwards, but children should be supervised at all time when riding the bike by a responsible adult.

Purchaser accepts FULL responsibility & releases Minimotos4u.com, David Welton and Tamara Welton of ANY and ALL PERSONAL INJURIES, FATAL INJURIES, ANY LOSSES , COSTS, OR DAMAGES incurred as a result of the Purchaser's operation of this item. The purchaser is solely responsible for the maintenance and safety of the minimoto and when permitting other riders to ride this item, and assumes all responsibility in event of damages, injuries or fatal injuries etc... Purchaser is solely responsible for understanding and abiding by all governmental/ police laws for operation of this product


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